Do I Need An Attorney?

You might.  You might not.  It depends on how much cooperation you feel you are getting from your child's school.  

One thing I will guarantee you - If you choose to sit down and talk to me about your situation, I will not make things worse.  I don't do this work so I can pick unnecessary fights with the people who are trying to help your child.

Sometimes school districts don't offer information about the services available to special needs children - often just because they're overwhelmed and haven't assessed the students' needs.  

An appropriate education for every child is a right guaranteed by federal law.  However the laws are not always clear.  For example, consider these questions:   

"Does the district have an obligation to assess my child once it is on notice that he might need special education services?"

"What happens to her special education services when my child transfers to a new district?"

"What happens if the district delays in implementing my child’s IEP?"

"What privacy rights does my special education student have?"

The answers to all of the above are complex and differ depending on the situation.  Having a knowledgeable person by your side will help you ensure you get the information you need. 

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