Dan Barkley - Special Education Advocate

Are you worried that your district is not complying with your child’s current IEP?

One common complaint that parents have is that even when their child’s IEP is appropriate, their district is not complying with it.  I can help you find ways to get the district to provide the services that are specified in the IEP.  

Does your child receive accommodations under Section 504?  Do you believe that she qualifies for an IEP? 

Many parents mistakenly believe that because their child does not have a severe disability that they do not qualify for an IEP.  In fact, there are many children with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia or other specific learning disabilities who get accommodations under Section 504 and also qualify for an IEP.

Have you been told by your district that your child no longer needs special education?

What kind of data would you need to make your case that your child should continue in his current program?   I can help you determine how you can demonstrate to the school that your child continues to need his current program to benefit from his education.   

Are you worried that your child’s special education program is not appropriate?   

How do you know that your child’s placement and services are what she needs to benefit from her education?  How do you know that her IEP goals are appropriate?  Has she received appropriate evaluations?  Could she benefit from Assistive Technology? Where can you look to find these answers?

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