I understand that having a special needs child is costly, and for that reason I make sure my work is affordable.

In situations where the only way to get a school district to provide needed services is through legal action, courts will require the school district to pay my fees.  Because of this, schools often cooperate and are willing to address parents' concerns without legal action being necessary.  

Since the great majority of situations involve work on my part without us ever going to court, I do collect fees from clients.  However, I offer sliding-scale fees to clients who qualify. While some of my work is done on an hourly basis, many clients prefer to pay me on a per-project basis, and I can discuss those options with you.  

If we decide to work together, you will receive an estimate up front and I'll let you know right away if the situation changes or new information arises that might make the work more costly.  You will always be in control of the work, and you will not be surprised by the fee.

Whenever appropriate, I plan with clients to identify tasks they can accomplish on their own or with some guidance to help them reduce cost and maintain control.

Ultimately, the only appropriate education is an effective one.  I'll use my legal and teaching background, experience, and compassion to help you ensure the effectiveness of your child's education.

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